Indian memoirs

A pocket full of memories; acrylics, patience, love on canvas, 30″ x 40″.

My first painting in 2012. As promised, started work on my Indian memoirs series- 3 works painted so far. Now, it was only when I started living in wonderful ‘cockneyland’ and over a period of time made “back home” trips, I happened to see and observe the real India, in all it’s glistening colours, motifs, sounds… so this series talks about all my warm feelings for the country.

When I’m painting, so many images flash across my mind and give me ideas for the next one! Needless to say, I am thoroughly enjoying my new works. Even as I write this post, a new canvas beckons me, slowly drying it’s first layer of yellow/green in a corner of the room… won’t make it wait long so, off I go.

PS: Was going through some of my last year’s works, I noticed all of them in bright palettes… I looked out of the window and wondered on the choice of colours and then I saw a white garden, a grey sky, nude trees, a hint of blue in the magpies and only a few green strands of grass breathing out of the snow… hmmm!


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