2012- a new year for new works!

Reminiscence, oils on canvas, 8″ x 8″ each (set of 4), 2011.

2011– In flashback mode,

Work wise- FINALLY quit a boring job for my love, painting! June onwards; one local art fair, one solo and two group exhibitions. A lot of new works painted, experimented with new mediums, new concepts, new techniques… many new’s in short!

Motivation wise- met artists/sculptors, attended art fairs and talks… visited local galleries and museums, saw new and old works by contemporary artists and old masters… travelled and observed the finer details in people and nature.

Income wise- haha! The less said, the better! 😉 Money shall come, has been slowly… at the moment churning out works gives me more satisfaction than seeing the balance of my bank account.

2012– new year, new beginnings, new work, new feats to be accomplished.

The past two months in India, travelling and attending colourful weddings had been fun, sometimes chaotic and tiring but inspirational at the same time as an artist.

There’s always a constant vibe in India… the colours in people’s outfits (including bright and fluorescent oranges and greens), the constant sounds (there is never a pin drop silence moment, not even in sleep- my dreams had various sounds and noises too), the odours (from railway compartments to walking down on foot in the Bombay bazaars– one is bombarded with all kinds of smells- the place, the people, the food). Even when I was sad and leaving for the airport (yes, 2 months is a long time to re-attach yourself to a country once your home) to board a flight back to systematic and polite mannered England- an expressionless Akshay Kumar with Kung Fu Panda advertisement billboard (Indian film actor and a comedic animated panda- don’t even bother to ask the relation between the two) had a sense of vibe and a feeling of belongingness!!

I would be foolish if I did not capture this Indianness in my work- the people, the ambience, the finer details which we tend to overlook as we approve or disapprove the bigger picture. So yes, I have new ideas floating in my mind thanks to my India visit! I need to sketch these ideas, jot down concepts and get my work started.

The year starts on a positive note, new and better paintings from me… the rest shall automatically be taken care of. Cheers to that!


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One response to “2012- a new year for new works!

  1. SP Singh

    Yeah-thats the way to go ahead-! have a gut feeling 2012 will be a land mark year for you-in personal life n professionally too.

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