So far…

Sarah Pearl Kazi

1984- came into this beautiful world on a fine September afternoon

1996- went to boarding school at Sacred Heart, Dalhousie; a lovely experience, the teachings embedded in me even today

2002- cleared the entrance exam for Sir JJ School of Art, Bombay

2003- fell in love, got up each day with a smile!

2006- sold my first painting… first art exhibition ever, Jehangir Art Gallery for the Bombay Art Society

2007- graduated… got married… shifted to London

2008- received my masters degree… first exhibition in London

2009- curated my first show ever

2011- first commission work… left a mundane but secure job to pursue my dream… first solo exhibition, Redbridge Museum Complex, London

2013- the biggest joy of my life, my baby boy- born just before the autumn leaves changed into a deeper colour

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2 responses to “So far…

  1. Hi I love your work it is very inspiring. Even though I may prefer the old Persian Flag, prior to the revolution. I would like to add you as a friend on facebook.

    Pedram Moghaddam

  2. Manish Dhariwal

    Hi Sarah ji,

    I messaged your father on facebook to thank him for his book on sadhana ji. I am big fan of sadhana ji from this generation. He seems inactive since long time. I purchased his book and want to thank him for his I valueable contribution to keep live the stardom of the most adorable lady forever. Is he all right? Say my thanks and best wishes to him. I want to have interaction with him on sadhana ji.

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