The past few weeks…

‘Tying loose ends’ exhibited at Cultivate, Vyner Street Gallery. I was meant to display three more works but they got sold before the exhibition so pretty happy on that front!

I have been working on a new painting since a month and I have now reached a point where I’ve got stuck and don’t know how to proceed further. I have had sleepless nights over it and I now think that I should start another work and leave the current one to rest till further notice. I need to bring fresh new ideas to new works so till that happens (!), I’ll probably do some good ol’ sketching and colourful portraits to keep the momentum going.

Recently, I volunteered for a mural project near Regents Canal at Haggerston. The project was run by City Arts, an American organization that runs community based art projects in different countries. It works in collaboration with artists, children and volunteers. So, this mural in London on ‘Peace’ (pictures below- work in progress) was designed by taking fragments of sketches done by children in the local community. Artists employed by the organization finally drew the full design on the wall and volunteers like me helped with the details and painting. I went for a couple of days and thoroughly enjoyed the process. The mural attracted lots of people passing by including teenagers who were curious about the work. I think the design was spot on to go with the multicultural ambiance of the area.

And so, with this mural, my art school specialization subject finally came into practice!

  Working hard and with concentration. 😉

The wall is at Dunston Road (where it meets Kingsland Road) at Haggerston, London so anyone interested in seeing this piece is most welcome to pop by any time.

PS: What a dull and gloomy day today and before I start harping on about the weather, I need to get back to work. Looking forward to the Frieze Art Fair tomorrow at Regent’s Park. It will be a long day and I shall come home with aching bones. Ah, that rhymed!


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