Remembering Husain.

The Bombay Progressive Artists’ Group in 1947.

The group was formed by Francis Newton Souza (came across his work at Tate Britain recently) and seen in this photograph are Syed Haider Raza, Tyab Mehta, Vasudeo Gaitonde and my favourite Maqbool Fida Husain.

MF Husain, 29 November 1913 – 09 June 2011.

I remember seeing Husain’s black and white serigraphs of the Benaras Ghats when I was about 15 years old and being mesmerized by the strong lines. I later came across a copy of the script of ‘Gaja Gamini’ (movie directed by Husain in 2000) through one of my father’s friends and admired the colourful drawings of the ladies in sarees. The script was painted scene by scene! Husain’s huge canvases, the bright reds and yellows… strong, bold and angular lines… so much energy and passion in those strokes.

It has been a year since your passing dear Husain, you were and always will be an inspiration!

PS: I came across this photograph in the brochure of The Bombay Art Society’s 114th All India Annual Exhibition (2006). There was a small piece written about Husain and he had shared the above photograph. The thought of this exhibition always brings back fond memories because it was my first ever!

PPS: Husain’s birth date is given 17 September 1915 on the net but having visited his grave today, the date written on the tombstone is 29 November 1913.



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2 responses to “Remembering Husain.

  1. Hi, Doing a documentary on visual artist Satish Gujral & would like to use this image of the Progressives to which we refer. Do let me know the possibility. Thanks

    • SarahPearl

      Please go ahead Sujata, I don’t have any copyright on the image. As written, I found the image in the catalogue of the Bombay Art Society Exhibition in 2006.
      Good luck with the documentary!

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