Work in progress.

My ambitious little work in progress… currently a diptych but will soon turn into a triptych, hopefully! As of now, the middle panel should be full of texts, next to these two panels. All this in my mind though, in reality, not even one panel is finished yet- yikes! It is a double-edged sword situation, over thinking ends up in slowing my speed but then the end result is more satisfactory in comparison to the other works.

And to top it all, I need to visit the Picasso exhibition before it finishes and dear ol’ Munch’s works are being exhibited too… still haven’t caught up with the Invisible show at Hayward Gallery… the SWA show at Mall Galleries… blah… blah… so much to do in so little time. I need a twin, one to finish my works and one to savour all the other beauties of life!



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2 responses to “Work in progress.

  1. SP

    About the TWIN desire-you shud have told us earlier!!!!

  2. SarahPearl

    Haha! Only if I knew then. 🙂

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