Redbridge exhibition

An exhibition of my recent works starts today at the Redbridge Museum Complex, Ilford.

I went to the venue yesterday and set it all up, happy with the result! 🙂 While I was arranging, re-arranging canvases I happened to meet some lovely people- a couple of artists (one of them showed me his works on his phone, even gave me advice on which camera I should invest in- lovely!)… a poet… few art lovers… children who happened to just pass by on the way to the library and observed every work with minute detail… a little girl with her grandmother, reading aloud my artist statement and each title of the work! It’s nice to see how these works “talk” to people and how people respond to them.

I met this interesting old lady who just started talking to me (according to her “I had an approachable face!”) not knowing I was the artist. She started reminiscing about her pottery days and how she wanted to get back to it now but doesn’t have the will anymore (she stopped after her daughter died)… her days spent studying literature… her stint with cancer… she had family around in the country but lived by herself in her home… and while we were talking she commented on my paintings and how she really liked the colours and then I told her I was the one who painted them! While parting ways, I told her to get back to pottery and drawing and remarked she was one of the prettiest ladies I had seen in my life… a lady with so many stories to tell, a hint of sadness in her eyes… she felt happy she had someone to talk to for a little while before she went home on a bus to have a dinner of cheese on toast.

I am so glad to have my works displayed here, in the heart of the community for people from different walks of life!


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  1. SP Singh

    I am feeling prouder & prouder with each exhibition of yours.The interplay of colours &concept is unique,indeed.The lady in question is right-you definitely have an approachable face that draws good folks towards you.Pearl,do not ever lose this inherent innocent sweetness of yours.Carry on,Pearl-you are slowly & steadily evolving into a more Mature,Complete & Worth-envying Personality,Lovable, of course, you have ALWAYS been.
    Love you a lot.

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