Ode to the tree

Extremely sad to see you being chopped off… no more will you be a resting place for weary little birds who twittered  in our lovely garden and no more will you give joy to my little niece who liked lying on the grass under the cool shade of your leaves in the summer.

I owe you a lot dear tree- looking at your greens with hope on a melancholy day, feeling the wind passing by through your leaves and lifting up my spirits.

Thank you for letting me share my joys and sorrows with you for all these years.

Good luck to the neighbour who shall build a “pretty little shed” in your place.



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2 responses to “Ode to the tree

  1. SP Singh

    Sheer CRUELTY-how can people not tolerate greenery?Whosoever did it,is a SCOUNDREL.Pox on him n her!

  2. SarahPearl

    I agree, scoundrel to the core…. aargghhhhhhhh!!
    R.I.P. my lovely trees.

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