The laces and the striped shoes.

Red shoes, blue shoes,

Old shoes, new shoes,

Shoes that are comfy,

Shoes that are tight,

Shoes that are black,

Shoes that are white.

Shoes with buckles,

Shoes with bows,

Shoes that are narrow,

And pinch your toes.

Shoes that are yellow,

Shoes that are green,

Shoes that are dirty,

Shoes that are clean.

Shoes for cold weather,

Shoes for when it’s hot.

Shoes with laces

That get tangled in a knot!

– John Foster (

I had a pair of red and white stripes shoes when I was about 5 years old. That’s one clear memory (among the many vague ones) of my childhood! I remember wearing them fondly at school on my birthday, occasions when children were allowed to wear ‘civil dress’.

Oh, and as I write this, another memory comes to mind… I had a thick book of short stories with illustrations and my mum used to read aloud the stories when I was too lazy to read them (to improve my vocabulary!!), after lunch just before siesta… there was a story about a young girl who had lots of shoes and all these shoes had conversations with each other. There was this pair of pink shoes with buckles that was never worn and was obviously very sad when it heard other shoes talking about their adventures… and one fine day it was taken out of the shoe rack and then realized ‘she’ was going for a party and was meant only for special occasions, and was very happy indeed… just like my red and white shoes! 🙂

My striped shoes came with laces and I remember telling my dad to tie them for me (as mentioned before in a post). He later taught me to tie these laces and it fascinated me… one knot, two knots- voila, a butterfly! 😉


All 3 paintings in acrylics on canvas, 12″x10″.



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4 responses to “The laces and the striped shoes.

  1. Ripujit Randhawa


  2. shweta

    its a lovely painting……..

  3. SP Singh

    never knew SHOES too cud look so good

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