1st day- as a “proper” artist! ;)

I quit my job at Bodgers on the 10th- finallyyyyyyyyyy! 3 years working for someone else that too in a field that I never chose, never would have imagined myself working in but then one takes unexpected roads, that’s life isn’t it? 3 long years doing something totally irrelevant to my art but what the heck? I enjoyed myself (occasionally cribbed) doing conventional work- 9 t0 5 types! Initially I  enjoyed the newness, the gossip and the usual banter but then it just went on and on and on and I asked myself, is this what I’d signed for in life? And then one day, on a bright sunny morning (so unlike Britain), I handed in my resignation letter <must admit, a huge amount of support from Junaid, my husband>. I know some of my colleagues were shocked and talked behind my back thinking I’d made ‘oh such a terrible mistake’ but who cares love, say what you want, think what you want- I make my own decisions! And voila, 1 month later, I’m here writing this blog with a sense of pride! 😉

I must admit, I don’t know if  ‘blogging’ is really me- I am more comforatble using a pen and paper, makes it more real… but then life is all about experimenting, doing different things, never sticking to conventions, being a free spirit- atleast that’s what I believe! So, this is something new to me and when I’m not painting or visiting art shows or striking an art deal with a client (haha), I shall try to write here- instead of wasting time watching some silly soap on TV!!

So, how was the day today? Very good indeed! (apart from a minor accident- my pot of  coloured water fell on the laptop, haha, but it survived as you can probably make out!) A productive day- got up with a smile and little nervousness! First day as a “proper” artist- not had this feeling since I left art school. 🙂 With a spring in my step and lots of confidence, I started my painting- the first brushstrok was divine and the more I painted, the more I felt that I ‘d taken a good decision- an unknown force was driving me! I don’t know yet what to name the painting – acrylics on canvas-  maybe will call it, “little miss imperfect” or “my flowery imperfect world”! I have an idea for a new painting too, started that today too- it’s funny though, sometimes I think and think and  nothing comes to my mind for a new work of art and then one day all of a sudden all these ideas coming rushing by and you don’t know which one to start first! I also started reading this book I had taken ages back on Leonardo Da Vinci- his sketches and his drawings with his thinking behind them explained. “Through the eyes of Leonardo Da Vinci” – text by Barrington Bareber. Da Vinci in short- a genius! I look at his works and think only if I could do even 10% of his hardwork and labour. So much to be inspired, so much to be learnt from his works and mind. Another book that I’d started reading some months back- <yes, yes, I have recently discovered I can multitask my reading! ;)>  “Birds without Wings”, Louis de Bernieres, seems alright so far, caught my eye because it’s set in Turkey and because I have visited Turkey and loved Istanbul, it obviously interested me. 

I plan to go to some local art schools’ shows this weekend, a new friend from JJ <my alma mater- Sir JJ School of Art, Bombay> is in London and she asked me if I was interested in going- sure!! I’d love to go… let me see what the competition there is like! 😉 There was a time when I avoided visiting exhibitions, art shows- never inspired me because I simply didn’t realize what people were upto in their so called art and frankly, I wasn’t interested, I was happy doing just my work… but I have decided to keep an open mind (atleast for the time being!) and plan to see all types of work, whether my type or not.

I know I have written my first post more like a diary than maybe how a blog should be but I’m sticking to my style, I don’t care a hoot- I work for myself now, my rules, my world!

So, here’s a toast to new beginnings!! 🙂


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  1. Wow!! Pearl you are a very talented Artist. You paintings are a treat for the eyes and your writing a treat for the mind. Well Done!!

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