The ReBirth.

 (click to enlarge)

ReBirth, acrylics on canvas, 30″ x 40″.

Sigh… finally, finally overcoming an artist’s block!

I have been struggling since the last one month… the thing is I know what I want in my mind but the vision just refuses to come up on the canvas. I can leave a work mid-way for a while to start another one but when you are facing the “wall”, you cannot even start a new work. I get up in the mornings with ideas swirling in the head but I just end up staring at the canvas for hours and hours and do nothing at all.

For inspiration; visited art shows, met my artist friends, read/reading (finished Taseer, Gabriel García Márquez currently, soon to start the terrific Manto), saw classic Guru Dutt & Muzaffar Ali films but alas, nothing came to my aid! But today, from all the other days, a day so dull, I finally finish my work- I can now relax and start my new works on a positive note.

This canvas is very dear to me… it depicts the rebirth of me, my identity- an identity I can finally call my own!


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