A sunday well spent!

A brilliant day yesterday at the Temporary Art Fair!

The venue, Tooting Tram and Social is a converted tram shed- a stunning place with high ceilings, exposed brickwork, old lit chandeliers, ornate antique frames, lovely furniture with vintage fabric- a sixties and seventies feel to the whole place. The atmosphere was perfect for an art fair and from setting up my place, soaking in the ambience, displaying my works, meeting new creative people and with a book to read (my faithful companion everywhere)- I had a great time!!

There were a decent number of people who came at the fair- it’s always nice when your art reaches the general public, instead of catering exclusively to gallery goers… spoke to a reporter from a local community website and yes, she’s mentioned the fair and my works in her article, http://www.tootingonline.com/forum/tooting-chat/149-temporary-art-fair-no1.html

The highlight of the day- sold a painting! I couldn’t help smiling on my way back home. 🙂 I have sold work before but yesterday was different. Previously, I have received payment for my works through galleries, cheques, bank transfers but to actually go somewhere and set up your area, sell your work and receive money directly from the buyer- the cash in your hands goes directly to your wallet… it’s something else!

Though mind you, money should never be a motivation to create any work of art (music, writing, painting etc) because it being created solely to earn money corrupts the mind and hampers with your vision. Instead, art should be a soul searching experience, a freedom of expressing your desires, memories, inner thoughts… and if in that process someone appreciates and relates to your work and sometimes wants to buy it, it just gives you some sort of satisfaction that your work perhaps managed to reach out to others (for a painter, money to buy more art material!). 😉

A sunday well spent, a sunday well earned.



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2 responses to “A sunday well spent!

  1. SP Singh

    Even I, sitting so far off “Saat samunder paar”, can feel the THRILL you must have felt.Wish I was there at the precise moment,when the prospective Admirer/buyer of your painting was at your stall.Great!!

  2. HI i am sure tere are going to be more times like this but this would always remain a special one for a different kind of thrill it brought you ,savour it for ever as a moment to be re – lived at times in your mind , life enriches you with all this which holds special moments we experience even after one has made tons and tons of money , this moment is an unprizable , hope I am not getting too dotty – INDU

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