Work in progress… shall now stand back and think.

My canvas changes drastically as it progresses further… so this image above may or may not remain so distinct… more work to be done, more layers need to be added. The mind wanders in different directions and from somewhere hidden deep inside you, it will bring up an idea that will change the course of your painting… very important to let the mind wander, to make it think on it’s own!

I remember about 12 years back, my mother found me sitting on the bed, staring at a blank wall and asked me what I was doing and I answered “I am thinking”. At that time she scolded me saying I was wasting time by sitting idle but years later she confessed that my answer took her aback at that time and she being a creative soul herself did realize how important it was to just stand back, stare and think.

… A poor life this, if full of care,

We have no time to stand and stare.

– WH Davies


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  1. Suman Bala

    Dear Pearl, what a tribute! But you were always creative and different. love you. Take Care.

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