The “happening”.


Aboard the Central, acrylics on canvas, 36″ x 24″.

First things first, some people have been asking me the same question everytime I speak to them, when am I going to make it “big”, when will I be in the “happening” scene, when will I start making “millions”. The most recent one being, when would I be exhibiting in “Kensington/Mayfair”!! I know some of these well meaning people ask out of concern and curiosity but artists don’t work like that or do they?? I for one, chose to pursue art for the love of it and because I express myself best when painting (sometimes writing). I could do something else (like I did in my job previously) but how long would it make me happy and give me a purpose to live for?

I really don’t want to think if I can make millions or a few quid when working on a particular canvas… if I start doing that, I know my work will suffer because I would want to paint to please someone else. Yes, I want to make money from my work but with my own artistic sensibility and on my own terms and conditions. It gives me immense pleasure that if someone accepts my work for what it is- no fancy frills and buttering up gallery owners/buyers for it. It has taken me a lot of courage to pursue my dream and I shall make no compromises on that front.  So if my colours are too red/green/yellow for one’s liking or my painting doesn’t match someone’s curtains, too bad- don’t like, don’t buy.

Otherwise my artistic “happening” life these past two weeks- attended two major art fairs (Frieze & Affordable Art) , one wonderful lecture series (Devi- The Goddess and The Modern Indian Woman at SOAS), two works finished, one work in progress. Not to forget frustration, when not getting the work right visually as I had imagined it to be (re-work with a huge amount of patience) and self doubting my skill at times- part and parcel of my life in general!


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  1. SP Singh

    Yes-this should be the spirit..-let selling of the work be incidental.What matters in life is -you should ENJOY the process of creativity/creation of what you have created/are creating.Do it with PASSION Great-carry on regardless!

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