Work, events, new artists- fruitful few weeks.

The past few weeks, work wise have been a little slow but at the same time, have been seeing new works of other artists, going to events, getting to know people and places.

So, on the work front- my recent commission project:


I have titled it ‘The rise of a new dawn’, acrylics on canvas, 30″ x 24″. This painting has been sent to it’s new home in Bangalore, India. I know I don’t paint many bulidings (especially religious ones) but I had a good time working on this- a South Indian temple and a Goan church (the client wanted both these together- a simple brief- the rest I could do it in my style!). So, I chose to paint it in the colours of the sunrise (to give justice to the thought/brief behind this work). I loved every minute of working on this canvas and I’m now inspired to do some outdoor study at the church near home!

On the other art front,

Went to see artist Somu Desai’s works exhibited at the Thameside Complex Gallery in Grays, run by Thurrock Council. Somu, an Indian artist from Gujarat does painting, sculpture, prints and video art. This exhibition titled ‘Here & Now’ were a few works chosen from his recent collection of ammonia images on canvas- a technique usually used by architects but Somu tried to overcome the limitations of the medium and produced these lovely works- Met some other interesting artists and sculptors at the show, might meet them again in an artists’ gathering later this month.

Last week went to Rich Mix in Shoreditch- ‘a place that offers live music, film, dance, theatre, comedy, spoken word and a range of creative activities for people of all ages and all cultures’. Hasina Zaman was exhibiting some of her mosaic works here, Loved her works (reminded me of mural classes in final year art school- so much can be done with mosaics and yet none of the professors took it seriously- portraiture was supposedly better so nobody bothered with us mural students!!). The technique, concept, language, aesthetic quality- the works were inspiring- like a breath of fresh air! I say that because there is so much crap one gets to see ‘in the name of art’- so for me, Zamina’s works stood out; a feeling of peace, forgiveness, compassion and to live a fulfilling life. How many artists (including myself) can show that through their works? I think her mosaics were absolutely wonderful and I’m glad I got to know her, her works and a place like Rich Mix.

And yesterday, I went for a talk at Saatchi Gallery- Francesca Gavin (writer & curator) was in conversation with artists Sam Griffin, Lilah Fowler and Charlie Woolley around how contemporary artists are responding to the now. ‘Are we post conceptualism, post-minimalism, post pop? Or do artists working today deliberately avoid a sense of movement and collectivity that was previously branded together as an ‘ism’?’ Interesting ‘new’ stuff- the works of these artists and the conversation that followed.

What have I learnt in these past few weeks? Just be true to yourself and produce good art- the rest shall just fall into place. 🙂


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