Few years on…

Year 2007, wedding day- 4 years on… the red shoe laces being symbolic- tying us together; up and down, sideways, holding it tight.  The colours dripping over, taking their own individual course yet moving together in harmony. Acrylics on canvas, 36″ x 24″

My art has taken a different course too after 2007 especially when I look at my current works- I see more self reflection, a certain boldness in work and thinking, more experimenting in terms of techniques and concepts and feel its okay to paint what I feel and think regardless of whether it appeals to everyone or not… as long I’m happy with the result and it appeals to my sensibility only then I have been true to my art… nothing pseudo about it, art without pretentions.

The preview at Brick Lane gallery went off well. Happy with the whole set up and the number of people who had all turned up, spoke to some, good feedback on my paintings. 🙂 I wish to have more and more shows like this…

PS: Went for the 243rd Summer Exhibition at the Royal Academy of Arts 3 days back and it was a different experience all together… around 1200 works on display from Royal Academicians to other practising artists and architects- the works were curated well, a sort of a theme in every room- interesting to see so many visual thoughts on display- well worth the trip on a typical London pouring day!


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